International breaks don’t half feel long, don’t they? Luckily the latest break is nearly over and we can get back to Fantasy Premier League.

In this article I’ve answered some of the key dilemmas people have this week, and why we shouldn’t worry too much about all the flagged players in our squads.

FPL GW8 Tips:

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Players Availability

Every week press conferences are really important, I’d urge everyone to check in on a Friday afternoon or evening to see what has been said by all the managers in the league.

We don’t always get confirmed information, but sometimes you can read between the lines.

This is always a must after an international break as lots of players pick up minor injuries and then miraculously recover by the weekend.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.5m) is someone who was injured before the international break started, and there are reports going around that he should be available for Watford (a) in Gameweek 8.

If Klopp confirms this then getting him back in looks like a great transfer.

However, if you’re on 3-4 Chelsea and Manchester City defenders then there is a case to be made that you could wait a couple more weeks before making the transfer, especially if it’s going to cost you a four point hit.

Raphinha (£6.6m) has spent the last week showing just what he’s capable of in a Brazil shirt and that means he’s going to start their final game which isn’t until Friday morning UK time.

With the match against Southampton being on Saturday there isn’t much time for him to get back for it and he may now be a doubt, we’ll have to wait for Bielsa to confirm.

My advice is hold him if you have him already, get him on a Wildcard and make sure you have a decent bench, and if you don’t own him and aren’t playing a Wildcard you can give him another week.

Antonio Rüdiger (£5.8m) and Romelu Lukaku (£11.7m) are both yellow flagged at the moment but I’m expecting Thomas Tuchel to give them both the all clear to play.

Because of their Norwich (h) fixture in Gameweek 9, I wouldn’t be looking to move them on unless you absolutely have to.

Manchester City Attackers

With Burnley (h), Brighton (a) and Crystal Palace (h) to come in the next three Gameweeks, there is a lot of hype around buying Man City attackers.

The problem is that none of them are guaranteed to play, apart from perhaps Kevin De Bruyne (£11.9m) to a certain extent, and you could say he’s a little too expensive to fit into our squads at the moment.

We can pretend all we like that a certain one of their plethora of attackers is going to play all three games but the reality is that’s unlikely.

My favourite option like many others right now is Phil Foden (£7.9m) as he’s a decent price and looks undroppable.

But even saying that out loud to myself makes me realise how crazy it is to use a word like “undroppable” when it comes to Pep Guardiola and his famous “Pep Roulette” when it comes to picking players.

My advice is if you have someone you really need to sell, or you’re on a Wildcard then going for someone like Foden or Jack Grealish (£7.9m) is a good punt because of the fixtures.

But you have to be prepared for them to not start the odd game here and there. If that’s something which will frustrate you then just look elsewhere.

Free Hit

I’ve been asked a few times about whether there’s an opportunity to Free Hit this week, especially with all the flagged and potentially missing players.

As I mentioned above I wouldn’t be too concerned about this as most of the players who we think will be missing, will likely play.

But the key reason I wouldn’t play the Free Hit just yet is it can be an invaluable tool later on in the season.

We will almost certainly get to a situation where there will be Blank and Double Gameweeks very close together, and using the Free Hit can make life so much easier.

For anyone that doesn’t know, a Blank Gameweek is when a team doesn’t have a fixture, and any players you own from that team won’t play in a specific Gameweek. This could be because of cup fixtures, or even weather postponements.

Double Gameweeks are where the fixtures get rearranged and put into another Gameweek, meaning a team will play twice between deadlines.

Sometimes we run into situations where a player isn’t playing in one Gameweek, but soon after has a Double Gameweek. In those situations you can use the Free Hit to keep the player long term, but not for the Gameweek they miss out on.

If that sounds too complicated you’ll just have to trust me that you’ll probably regret using it now, and be thankful you saved it.

Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy (£10.5m) just doesn’t look like slowing up any time soon. He’s already scored six goals this season, and even has an assist too. That’s seven returns in seven Gameweeks.

For FPL managers that are looking to bring him in, it's worth noting that Leicester play Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea in the next five Gameweeks.

It might not be the worst time to play Man United, with both Harry Maguire (£5.4m) and Raphaël Varane (£5.5m) looking like they’ll miss out in Gameweek 8, but it’s still not an easy fixture run.

It also depends what sacrifice you’re making to fit Vardy in. It looks difficult to go without Mohamed Salah (£12.7m) and with a lot of managers also owning Lukaku it then becomes hard to find another spot for a forward that costs £10.5m.

If you can find a team that you’re happy with then go for it, but I think we might start to see Vardy’s points slow down over the next 5 Gameweeks.

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 12th August 2021

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