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You might not have heard of www.ablefast.com. In the world of sports predictions and live score services, it’s easy to get crowded out.

Ablefast livescores and Ablefast results aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind for football prediction followers in the United Kingdom.

Lots of places offer prediction games or schedules. Focused on matches in Scotland and England, Ablefast fixtures page is a place to check out for a clear list of upcoming matches, with up-to-date information on postponements and changes to kick-off times.

While little is known about the football pool coupon platform, we do know the www ablefast com site is based in Nigeria.

The majority of its traffic comes from the country in West Africa, and the contact numbers provided on the site all include the +234 extension of Nigeria. Reviews of ablefast are hard to come by, though Trust Pilot ranks the site poorly.

We’re going to learn a bit more about www ablefast com throughout this article, including what’s on the site and whether the latest ablefast pools are worth checking out.

What is Ablefast com?

Ablefast com is a football pools website including the latest results and scores from British football. Ablefast-com provides various links to other sites to keep up to date with live fixtures and results.

Both through the offers of pools, and the ability for fans to create coupons, Ablefast-com has several different services and uses for its visitors.

Diving into the latest Ablefast results is one option for fans, perhaps enjoying the simplistic layout of the site over some of its competitors.

Projections for Ablefast.com’s traffic differ quite significantly. It’s difficult to tell just how many people are using Ablefast pools on a daily basis, though its domain rating of just eight shows there is a long way to go before it becomes well-known around the world.

Ablefast pools

Most football fans will be familiar with the concept of pools.

Although the football pools have been overshadowed by the growth of online betting and other similar contests, the numbers in the side columns on Final Score long provided a reference to the pools.

Ablefast pools follow a similar concept. Website users will follow the latest Ablefast livescores to keep up to date with the activity across the pools.

It’s a platform that fans can use for keeping a tab on the upcoming ablefast fixtures or reflect on recent ablefast results as they make pools or betting picks.

Football pools might not be as popular as they once were, but this is one means for fans to try their hand at a few predictions. Ablefast pools is a chance to make some picks and see if you’ve got the knack for picking a winner. 

How do football pools work

There’s large variety when it comes to football pools. Some sites will offer their own versions of the game, either allowing contestants to select their fixtures or giving them choices from a set chunk of games.

You don’t have to visit Ablefast com to get involved in football pools.

The biggest win in the traditional Football Pools in the UK saw Michael Elliott from Brechin pocket over £3 million. 

Most fans will be familiar with the ‘Classic Pools’ format. Players pick eight matches from 49, selecting outcomes from score draws, scoreless draws and victories.

Score draws receive the most ‘points’. The aim in traditional pools was to pick eight score draws across the available 49 fixtures to win a maximum of 24 points – this would lead to the maximum payout.

Mixing in other predictions like scoreless draws and home/away wins would win two and one point(s) respectively.

ablefast football coupon

Players could ‘win’ by getting the most points in a round of fixtures. This, though, is only relevant if no one picked up 24 points.

In the event of a tie between winners, the jackpot would be shared. This famously happened in 2011 when four players shared a £3 million pot, landing £750,000 apiece.

Different companies can mix up their pools. The Treble Chance was considered the most popular in the original Football Pools, but an array of new organisations have added their own twist to such games.

Ablefast pools are just one example of a website providing a service like this. All it takes is a Google search to reveal all the pools options on offer around the world. Of course, this is mainly focused on soccer, but there are plenty for other sports, too.

Some may want to stick to traditional sports betting at sites like 888Sport. For others, though, the world of pools can be a fun way to liven up their weekend watching the Ablefast results roll in.

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 20th December 2021

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